Andesite stone, Seljuks to the state-of-the-art one of the most building 's most trendy building blocks. It is a must for ornament applications.

What's Andesite Stone and where to use?

On the roads, sidewalks, walls and decorative stones used in many areas have invariably attracted our awareness. Even when we see these varieties of stones, we want to see ornamental stones in the areas we use most. Andesite stone, one of the crucial indispensables of the constructing sector, is the main stone amongst the decorative stones ordinarily used in our nation.

Andesite stone, which is commonly used in Anatolian civilizations and used in many areas until at present, is the rock stones shaped with volcanic actions. It's produced most commonly in imperative Anatolia neighborhood. Andezit, which is original in Ankara and its environs, is also referred to as, Ankara Stone Ankara. Andesite stone is normally encountered in Çorum, Manisa, Kayseri, Isparta and Uşak.

The normal characteristics of the vicinity and the colour of the mine in keeping with the age of the change andesite stones in general red, purple, violet, grey and black tones will also be produced.

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