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We have been a leading, experienced and renowned company in marble and natural stones industry in Turkey since 1960. As most of the new businesses, our company also was a small family company that had dealt with the local demands and requirements of our customers in our city called “Kayseri” in Turkey. After years passed, we set up a bigger factory in which we have been fabricating marbles and natural stones with different finishes for both the residential and commercial projects throughout the Turkey. Besides fabricating these stones mentioned above, we have got highly proficient and experienced teams who provide installation services of the natural stones for our customers.

With more than 50 years of experience, expertise and knowledge in natural stones sector, we are willing to start exporting our skillfully and diligently finished products to overseas. Even if we do not have our own quarries, we work as if we are a partner or co-owner of these quarries, with the help of our dignity and integrity which has formed during decades in this sector, in order to obtain high quality stones at reasonable prices. Add to that, we regularly visit on quarries across Turkey from which exquisite stones and marbles extracted.After bringing these carefully selected stones to our factory, we prepare them according to your preferences in terms of size, thicknesses, finish type and etc. Finish types include polished, tumbled, honed, brushed-off and etc. Our main product range is made up of Marble, Basalt, Travertine, Andesite and also some indoor decorative stones like ledgestones used for surrounding fireplaces. Apart from our main product range, we can provide distinguishing and exquisite marble stones with unusual colour and texture.

As everyone knows in natural stones market, precious marble and other natural stones are rare to find and also expensive to explore therefore as a fabricator you need to show great amount of effort and care to make these stones have perfect shape after carefull process. With our high quality machines and facilities we always commit ourselves to provide our customers with the best products and services as much as possible. We constantly follow the latest trends, technical equipments, production facilities and fairs related to natural stones sector so as to enhance our production quaility and broaden our products range.

If you are looking for a loyal, trustable and proficient partner with comprehensive knowledge and skills in marble and natural stone industry, we are always here to assist you in any type of requests, demands or inquiries relating to your business. We wish we would like to work with you collaboratively on your upcoming Project.

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* Asdem Ticaret (Trade) Company is registered with Tax Number (0860462083) in Kayseri Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.